• Queen Elizabeth and the Three Goddesses

    Royal Collection, Hampton Court
  • Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins

    Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
  • Allegorical Portrait of Sir John Luttrell

    Courtauld Institute of Art, London
  • The Braun and Hogenberg Map

    Map of London Published c. 1572 | Created c. 1555-60 | Guildhall Library, London
  • King Henry VIII

    Trinity College, Cambridge University, United Kingdom

This website acts as the digital home of a long-term research project on the life and works of Netherlandish painters living and working in Tudor England from 1545 to 1580. Within this website visitors will also find Hans Eworth's complete catalogue raisonne; a document that will eventually function as a guide for interested institutions, agencies, and individuals regarding issues ranging from the histories of particular works to questions of attribution and authenticity.


Over the course of my research there has been a growing series of discoveries and findings--both large and small--in relation to Tudor portraits and painters. Here you can download brief treatments, as well as forthcoming scholarly articles, on these discoveries in .pdf form.

Hans Eworth

Hans Eworth was a Netherlandish painter, goldsmith, and merchant who emigrated to London in 1544 in order to escape the Catholic Court of Antwerp. By 1550 Eworth was creating some of the most unique and important portraits of the period in England. Learn more about his life and work here.

Stranger Painters

During Eworth's working life there were a great many other Netherlandish painters living and working in London. Here you will learn more about them, including a bibliography of literature that speaks to the issues surrounding 'strangers' in 16th century London....