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16th C. London Stranger Painters

The purpose of this portion of the website is to provide access to articles and other findings related to London's Stranger-Painters with particular focus upon Netherlandish painters working in London during the second half of the sixteenth-century.

The presence of transnational Netherlandish painters in early modern London is widely recognized by art historians, yet scholars have tended to focus upon a limited number of such persons, mainly from among those who worked directly for the English Royal Court. This has resulted in a lacuna of scholarship surrounding the many other Netherlandish painters who arrived in Tudor London in the 1560s and 70s, during religious, economic, and political troubles on the continent.

Several articles on this subject--by my colleagues and I--are slated for publication in 2013-14 and appropriate links will be provided below. For those who have an interest in the Stranger-Painters, please also consider downloading the Stranger Painter Bibliography. Although a working bibliography, there you will find plenty of useful references.

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Hope Walker and Tarnya Cooper, Talent and Adversity: A Re-Assessment of the life and works of Hans Eworth of Antwerp (Active 1544-1574) in Painting in Britain 1500-1630 - Production, Influences and Patronage, forthcoming - 2014.