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In her 1995 exhibition catalogue, Dynasties: Painting in Tudor and Jacobean England, Karen Hearn described Antwerpian painter Hans Eworth as, "probably the most important figure for our understanding of painting in the period following the death of Hans Holbein." Hearn's evident admiration is well founded. During his twenty-year career in England (1549-c. 1574), Hans Eworth produced nearly a dozen astonishing portraits of the Tudor monarchy (Mary I & Elizabeth I), as well as portraits of other important and influential figures in the English court and the city of London.

Scheduled for completion in 2014, the Hans Eworth Catalogue Raisonné will be the authoritative volume with respect to the artist's oeuvre and will function as a guide for interested institutions, agencies, and individuals regarding issues ranging from the histories of particular works to questions of attribution and authenticity. In order to develop this catalogue prospectus and schema, I have interviewed a multiplicity of Eworth stakeholders including museum and auction professionals, private owners, and other scholars presently working on, or having completed, important catalogue raisonné projects. I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Joanna Woodall (Professor, Courtauld Institute of Art-London), Dr. Tarnya Cooper (Chief Curator, National Portrait Gallery-London), and Dr. Barbara Buhler Lynes (Curator, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum-Santa Fe). Their input and suggestions have been invaluable in considering the methods and scale of the project, as well as its goals and direction. In addition to my advisor, Dr. Woodall, I am particularly grateful to Dr. Barbara Buhler Lynes and Dr. Tarnya Cooper. Dr. Lynes important work on the Georgia O'Keeffe catalogue raisonné for the O'Keeffe estate is not only incredibly inspiring, but her suggestions regarding the plan of work and the overall goals of the project were particularly helpful. And Dr. Tarnya Cooper's generosity, both in terms of NPG materials on Eworth and her time and expertise, have been an incredible help and boost to this project.

Within the links at right are: portions of the catalogue in progress (note: please be patient as download speed may vary), a project prospectus, a running list of works in the catalogue as of late-2010, a sample page layout for the catalogue, and the necessary forms in order to submit a work/s to the catalogue. The prospectus will provide a more generalized "snapshot" overview of the catalogue and will also (briefly) address issues of confidentiality. The list of works suggests the present scope of the project, including the state of the research as of late-2010. The layout example provides a sample layout for a single entry. And the final section includes the forms necessary to submit a work/s to the catalogue. Each section will require Adobe Acrobat to view; please download a copy of this free software, if you do not already have it on your computer. As an alternative, you may wish to try Fox-It Reader.

Finally, it should be noted that I have purposefully elected to stay within the framework of the catalogue raisonné genre, rather than straying into the relatively new field of the "critical catalogue." The main reason for this is that I am not interested in dwelling upon the experience of researching this material (other than perhaps a short introductory commentary) as the device by which I will present it, as is typically the case with critical catalogues. Rather, I wish the focus of the catalogue to attend to the artistic output of the individual we know as Hans Eworth and, secondarily, position him in relation to the artistic community of London in which he lived and worked.

- Hope Walker
[Updated 18 October, 2013]