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Personal Site | Tudor History
Victorian and Albert Museum, London | The Tudors
Personal Site | English History Online
Personal Site | Some Grey Matter | Lady Jane Grey
BBC | Tudor History
Personal Site | Elizabethan Costume

Misc. Tudor Articles

Noel Cox | Tudor Sumptuary Laws [.pdf]
LG Matthews | Royal Apothecaries in Tudor Times [.pdf]
Richard Foss | Guilds and Professions in the Tudor Era [.pdf]
Sabrina de la Bere | Tudor Embroidery Examples [.pdf]
Thomas Merriam | Unveiling of the More Family portrait at Nostell Priory [.pdf]
Sally Varlow | Sir Francis Knollly's Latin Dictionary: new evidence for Katherine Carey [.pdf]
Will Fisher | The Renaissance Beard: Masculinity in Early Modern England [.pdf]
D. Eckstein | Tree Ring Research in Europe [.pdf]
Katherine Coombs | A King of Gentle Painting: Limning in 16-Century England [.pdf]
Raymond Siemens | Henry VIII as Writer & Lyricist [.pdf]
Maggie Yax | Arthur Agarde, Elizabethan Archivist

Archives & Sources

Penn State | English Emblem Book Project
ProQuest | Early English Books Online
National Archives, Kew | Search the Archives
National Archives, Kew | Henry VIII at the Archives
British Library, London | Renaissance Festival Books
Fordham University | Modern History SourceBook: Elizabeth I
University of Toronto | Electronic Renaissance Texts
University of Toronto | Lexicons of Early Modern English
Brigham Young University | Links to British Documents, 1486-1688
Institute for Historical Research | History in Focus: Elizabeth I and James VI and I
British History Online | Letters & Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII
British History Online | Letters & Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I
British Library | All British Library Catalogues
Vision of Britain | John Byng, The Torrington Diaries
OTA | Thomas Elyot's The Book Named the Gouernour
PastScape | England's Archaeological and Architectural Heritage
Penn State University | William Shakespeare's Henry VIII [.pdf]
English Heritage | Dendrochronology Report

Tudor Image Collections & Tudor Portrait Related

London | Philip Mould, Ltd. | Picture Dealer
Personal Site | Elizabethan Portraits
Guildhall, London | Collage Database
NICE Paintings | United Kingdom Inventory of Continental European Paintings
English Heritage | Images of England
British Portraits | British Portraiture Specialist Group
Brett Dolman | Curator of Collections, Hampton Court, on Henry VIII & Painting [in .pdf]

Tudor-Related Films, Programs, & Lectures

BBC | Dr. Johnathan Foyle on Hans Holbein
ITV | The Worst Jobs in Tudor England
National Portrait Gallery (London) | Painting History: Dr. John Guy on Lady Jane Grey
The Vyne - A Tudor Mansion
Hope Walker | Hans Eworth - London Stranger Painter: Part One, Part Two

Tudor Resources For Youth Educators/Teachers

[All Files are in .pdf Format]

The FalStaff Experience | The Rich & Poor in Tudor Times
National Portrait Gallery, London | Tudor Portraits
Harvington Hall | Tudor Life at the Hall
National Archive | Tudor Script Practice for Students
National Gallery, London | Holbein's Ambassadors
Personal Site | Henry VIII's Family Three